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Skateboard Sessions

One to one tuition is highly recommended here at Ricoskateschool. We do offer smaller groups sessions to focus more on the progression of each student. The maximum amount of students is four students in one session. We encourage customers to book in students around the same ability levels in group sessions so they can learn the same thing at the same time. If not we can tailor our sessions to make it work, alternatively we can split them up and do 30mins each in a one hour session with two students for example. We also encourage people to book more then once a week to see more progression and its at a discounted rate.

We now offer birthday parties also but this focuses more on fun activates in the lesson and not as heavy on tuition.

Skateparks we currently offer tuition

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  • Peckham rye Skatepark, (SE15 3AA)

  • Telegraph Hill Lower park(SE14 5SE)

  • Folkstone Gardens,     (SE8 5NJ)

  • Stockwell Skatepark, (SW9 0XZ)

  • The Grove D.i.y.            (SE22 8LF)

  • Southbank skatespace, (SE1 8XT)

  • Clapham Common Skatepark, (SW4 9DD)


1hR Session

(1 to 1/2)£40

Within this hour lesson, students can partner up with another student of the same ability for the same price.


Can also split the lesson with students at different ability levels and do 30mins each.  (2x1hr Sessions in one week = £60)


1HR Group of 3


This session is for 3 students at a time, encouraged to be at similar abilities.


(2X1hr Sessions with 3 students in one week=£80)


1HR Group of 4 £60

This session is for 4 students at a time, encouraged to be at similar abilities.


(2X1hr Sessions with 4 students in one week=£90)


Birthday Parties

There is no set price for Birthday parties, it all depends on the amount of students,


 Location, etc.

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